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brandycoveBrandy Cove, located half a mile west of Caswell Bay , is probably Gower's most infamous beach and is steeped in history and legend. The beach itself is very small, with sandy stretches only at low tide and possesses a good example of an exposed Pleistocene raised beach - evidence that the sea level here was once thirty feet higher than it is today. The beach gets its name from the days when smuggling was rife on the Gower Peninsula and the sands were used to land illicit cargo of tobacco and alcohol.

Perhaps less well known than its history of smuggling are the two stories of the supernatural connected with the beach. The first concerns a certain old woman who went by the name "Old Moll". "Old Moll" was said to have made her home in one of Brandy Coves' caves, but spent much of her time wandering through the many small villages and farms on the Gower Peninsula . A later tale of the supernatural connected with Brandy Cove has a chilling link with a real life murder that took place on or near the beach during the winter of 1919.