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threecliffsbayOne of Gower's more famous treasures, Three Cliffs Bay is one of the most photographed places on the peninsula. The cliffs themselves are very popular with climbers and are composed of three linked and pointed cliff faces, their limestone strata punctured by a single tunneled archway that leads to the quiet Pobbles Beach.

At low tide this beach is indistinguishable from that of Three Cliffs Bay but as the sea heads inland the cliffs soon separate the two from one another. At very low waters it is possible to walk along the sands of Pobbles Beach, Three Cliffs Bay, Tor Bay and Oxwich Bay without a break.

A word of caution to those visiting either Three Cliffs Bay or Pobbles Bay - do not bathe in the waters here! The surf along this stretch of coast can be extremely treacherous as the Pennard Pill rushes out into the sea here and causes dangerous, swirling tides.