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bovehillcastleAlso known as Landimore Castle, there remains little of Bovehill Castle but a few broken walls, overgrown with ivy and bramble, to remind the visitor of the building's once illustrious past. Built high on a hill overlooking the marshland of the Burry Estuary and the quiet hamlet of Landimore, the castle, like the Gower castles of Oxwich and Weobley, are not the remains of a true castle but are instead the scant remnants of a once lavish fortified manor house.

Constructed in the late 18th Century by Sir Hugh Johnys, a Knight Marshall of England and a veteran of the War of the Roses, after he was awarded governorship of Landimore by the Duke of Norfolk, who was then the ruling Lord of Gower.

The castle was one of the few building of the time to have running water - a lead pipe having been run down to the building from a well at nearby Ryers Down. Traces of the trench which held this pipe are still visible to the more observant visitor to the site.

A brass representation of both Sir Hugh Johnys and his wife, Dame Maud, can be viewed at St. Mary's Church, Swansea .

The castle is unfortunately on private land and permission to visit the site is not easily given by the present day owner.